At Best Crane Hire we offer a range of services across the Sunshine Coast. Our general lifting includes but is not limited to; trusses, beams and roofing materials on town house developments. We also lift machinery, light poles, shipping containers and swimming pools.

We provide all lifting equipment where necessary including block cages, material cages, kibbles, qualified steel, riggers and dogman.

Best Crane Hire offers modern, versatile, mobile cranes for hire

Best Crane Hire provides the right service for your job to aid in heavy lifting throughout the Sunshine Coast region.

Our range of services include:

  • Lift and install commercial and residential A/C units.
  • Able to place site huts and portable buildings.
  • Lift positioning machinery inside workshops
  • Lift boats, trailers, yacht masts and motors.
  • Formwork, Scaffolding, bricks, blocks and rubbish bin removal.
  • Placing transformers, light installations/repairs, standing power poles.
  • Extensions and private sheds, steel erection for commercial sheds and buildings

  • Steel beams for housing and unit projects, insulation rolls and insulated panels